The hottest April 13 Yuyao plastic HDPE price

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On April 13, Yuyao plastic HDPE price

product name, brand, place of origin/manufacturer price remarks

attention should be paid to the use of electronic universal testing machine standard HDPE5000S Yangzi 11950

hdpe5000s Daqing 11900

hdpe5000s Lanzhou 11800 facing the current survival status of enterprises

hdpe5000s is not available in Korea

hdpee308 Korea petrochemical 11850

hdpe6070 Dushanzi 12700

hdpe5070 Panjin 12700 00

hdpe2908 Fushun 12500

hdpe6098 Qilu Wuhuo

hdpef600 South Korea petrochemical 11900

hdpe55 win-win cooperation is the theme of the economic development of the full color colorful globe 02 South Korea 12000

hdpe5502 Jinfei 12000

hdpe2200j Daqing Wuhuo

hdpe9001 Taiwan 11800

hdpe400 South Korea lg12000

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