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On April 14, the China Plastics price index fell 14.34 points to 930.41 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell 4.69 points to 1039.98 points. The Great Pacific Garbage belt is located between Hawaii and California

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile futures exchange fell $2.19/barrel to $50.05/barrel. Brent crude oil fell $1.92/barrel to $2. Electrical measurement and control system was $52.14/barrel

Europe propylene FD reported euro/ton in northwest Europe, unchanged from last Thursday. Far east propylene monomer FOB Korea reported USD/ton, down 5 USD/ton compared with last Thursday

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yanshan Petrochemical PP is within ± 0.5% of the set value; Unit 1 juchan b4101; Dimerization production ppr4220; Sanju turns to k6606

Hunan Changsheng PP plant produces T38F with average inventory. It is reported that the manufacturer plans maintenance at the end of the month, and the maintenance time may be about ten days

the PP unit of Jinan refinery is planned to be shut down for maintenance on April 2, and it is expected to start up in half a month. The manufacturer has normal inventory and average sales

the PP powder plant of Shandong Changyi Petrochemical started to shut down for maintenance on March 10, and it is expected to resume operation after the last ten days of April

III. local market conditions:

the PP market in China plastic city continued to decline due to the significant decline in the crude oil market yesterday, which was greatly affected by the negative impact. Businessmen pay close attention to the price policy trend of PetroChina and PetroChina, and most of them are bearish. In addition, the downstream demand still needs to be improved, and the market is dominated by negative factors. The market is expected to continue to fall

the PP market around the Central Plains is mainly stable. Merchants continue to actively ship goods. However, due to the serious upside down, the plastic deformation resistance of metal does not continue to increase with the increase of plastic deformation, as shown in Figure 1. The buyer's intention to receive the goods is not strong, and most of them are wait-and-see. Poor mentality, mainly short-term bearish. Quotation: the market quotation is disorderly, with tax included at about 9200 yuan/ton, for reference only

Qilu Chemical City's PP market has a general supply of goods. Today's price is declining, and the market demand atmosphere is light. Qingdao T30S is quoted at RMB/ton, and the transaction price is a single negotiation. SP179 is quoted at RMB 11800/ton, Daqing EPS30R is quoted at RMB 11700/ton, and Qilu EPS30R is quoted at RMB 12500/ton. Downstream demand is mainly wait-and-see

the PP market quotation in Linyi fell, and the panic selling of merchants caused the market price to fall again and again, the demand was still unable to rise, and the transaction was sluggish. The latest offer today: Qingdao and Zhongyuan T30S do not include tax declaration yuan/ton. It is reported that there is a market for wire drawing C, which does not include tax declaration yuan/ton

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