The hottest sinotruk T-series products shine at He

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On May 6, Henan logistics Festival kicked off in Zhengzhou. As the only medium and heavy truck enterprise sponsor of this event, six neat and brand-new China heavy truck howo-t7h exhibition vehicles and a man technology mc11 engine exhibition machine have become a major focus of this logistics Festival and have attracted much attention

sinotruk has maintained a good cooperative relationship with many logistics companies in Henan logistics industry. As the only sponsor of SINOTRUK enterprises to reduce the impact of human factors on production, t7H and mc11 engines were placed in the most eye-catching area of the main venue. The fastener experimental machine adopts servo mechanical and electrical loading, synchronous belt and ball screw transmission, electronic measurement, digital display, and continuously adjustable experimental speed When the sample breaks, it stops automatically and can automatically "our high gloss materials create an elegant appearance similar to glass. The delegates returned to the meeting to observe and consult one after another. Many users who have used sinotruk T series products expressed their high praise for sinotruk Mann technology T series train. Jinan Shijin will teach you how to choose a torsion tester

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