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Sinotruck sitrak shandeka interactive roadshow enters Wuhan

Sinotruck sitrak shandeka interactive roadshow enters Wuhan

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on November 21, Sinotruck sitrak shandeka experiential interactive roadshow opened grandly in Wuhan logistics park of "thoroughfare of nine provinces", focusing on the domestic medium and high-end heavy truck market and refreshing the quality standards of China's heavy trucks, It ignited the hot atmosphere of on-site users

SINOTRUK shandeka interactive roadshow enters Wuhan

refresh domestic high-end heavy truck standards shandeka brings Wuhan logistics planning to a perfect end

as the protagonist of this tour, sitrak shandeka ignites users' enthusiasm and becomes the focus of industry experts and markets as soon as it arrives in Wuhan, because at the critical moment when Wuhan logistics planning is about to end, Heavy truck sit, which refreshed the domestic high-end heavy truck standard, was born in May 1965. Rak shandeka has greatly met the quality needs of Wuhan logistics users for logistics equipment with reliable and efficient performance

"SINOTRUK shandeka's product positioning is to meet the alternative needs of domestic users who increase the income of high-performance and high value-added products for imported heavy trucks. It innovatively integrates the exquisite car making skills of SINOTRUK and Deutsche Mann and the leading operation concepts of China and Germany. Sitrak shandeka, built with the strength of giants, not only has the top German quality of trouble free operation, but also fully combines the actual situation of Chinese users in terms of price." Demand has broken the high price curse of imported heavy trucks, and comprehensively conforms to the strict requirements of domestic high-end logistics for continuous and efficient operation. It is especially suitable for the use requirements of e-commerce logistics, pharmaceutical transaction logistics, cold chain processing logistics and other logistics industries that Wuhan Logistics Planning Institute focuses on promoting. " At the event, Zhang Fan, deputy general manager of Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department of SINOTRUK, said

Yu Huanwu, director of Wuhan logistics enterprise evaluation office, introduced and described the opportunities and challenges of Wuhan logistics industry. He said that it is imperative to realize the systematic management of the logistics industry. As the most high-end heavy truck in China, sitrak will inject new blood into Wuhan logistics industry and help systematic management

in order to further improve the reliability of shandeka, Ren Jun, manager of sitrak Marketing Department of Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, said that shandeka not only has an engine B10 life of up to 1.5 million kilometers, but also has the world's most advanced technology, mc11 series electronically controlled high-voltage common rail engine, which is exclusively introduced by China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation Limited and is equipped with the bending strength of specific experimental plug leads and wires of zigzag testing machine, with emissions up to the fifth national standard, There is no fear of the upcoming full implementation of the fourth national emission standard. More importantly, this engine also adopts the original supplier system of Mann company, and the product demonstration is also agreed with the products of Germany Mann company

as the lubricating oil supplier of SINOTRUK and the sponsor of sitrak roadshow, Mobil black overlord not only brought the latest product performance introduction and anti-counterfeiting identification methods to the audience at the event site, but also intimate and practical truck maintenance skills and safe driving tips, providing suggestions for truck owners and drivers to comprehensively protect the engine. Mobil black overlord has accompanied "traveled through many cities across the country with sitrak roadshows, and conducted in-depth exchanges and interactions with local consumers, so as to help truck drivers provide complete comprehensive truck maintenance solutions

in terms of after-sales service, sitrak shandeka proposed a "1324t" service mode based on the two-year unlimited mileage super long warranty policy. 1 - refers to the one-to-one service provided by the exclusive service engineer to the customer from the date of purchase; 3 - refers to the exclusive service engineer's three home visits and free maintenance at 5000 km, 10000 km and 15000 km; 24t refers to providing customers with a replacement vehicle free of charge when the fault cannot be repaired within 24 hours. Through the innovation of service mode, sinotruk has completely eliminated the worries of efficient vehicle operation with the concept of serving users wholeheartedly

"I have great confidence in shandeka's performance in Wuhan, because whether it is scientific and technological breakthroughs in power design, vehicle matching and manufacturing, or service innovation and value-added, SINOTRUK shandeka has brought a new choice of heavy trucks with the highest cost performance for Wuhan logistics users. After this tour, I believe that shandeka will not only create a higher value model for Wuhan logistics users, but also further drive the development of Wuhan logistics planning Perfect ending, and help Wuhan build a modern logistics hub city. " At the end of the event, Zhang Fan, deputy general manager of Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department of SINOTRUK, stressed

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