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SIP leads the future, and Genesys work together to build a new generation of customer service center

introduction: with the rapid rise of emerging media, user needs are changing day by day, and the technology and service mode of the call center are also changing. As the leader of domestic platform e-commerce enterprises, JD Mall (hereinafter referred to as JD) has been actively seeking to provide users with a more perfect customer service experience. With its deep understanding of SIP technology, Genesys has created a call center solution that meets JD's needs and development direction, laying a solid foundation for JD's future business expansion

problems and challenges

stability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery solutions come first, and performance and timeliness come second

build a new generation of customer service center with high reliability, expansibility and openness

it is necessary to support a call center platform with more than 5000 seats and a daily call volume of 500000-800000, and support at least 2000 remote seats as merchant seats of an open platform

integrate voice, video and data services, and introduce new media applications suitable for JD's future business development

the system provided by Genesys has strong fault tolerance and good recovery ability. The main equipment has the ability to work in the way of dual computer hot backup or load balancing to ensure the stable operation of the system

adopt highly reliable products and technologies, and fully consider the safety strategy and mechanism of the whole system operation; Adopt advanced design ideas and manufacturing technology, and fully consider the scalability of business and application in both software design and hardware design

adopt advanced and mature SIP technology support. Large capacity (system capacity to be supplemented ①), integrating existing businesses into the call center

taking into account the continuous launch and changes of new services, we should launch new call center solutions and disks of multimedia platform and sip platform in time, so as to better meet the needs of new services.

Genesys' mature solutions, strong stability and strong scalability

make full use of Genesys and Baodong's knowledge and experience in the field of call center, Meet the comprehensive needs of users with high-quality services

other success factors need to be supplemented ②

in recent years, the booming development momentum of China's e-commerce market is obvious to all. A report pointed out that by 2015, the scale of China's e-commerce market is expected to reach 2trillion yuan, which means that China is likely to replace the United States and become the world's largest e-commerce market

among many e-commerce enterprises, is a well deserved leader. According to the official caliber, the risk of falling off of the thin plastering system of JD business is also large; At present, the trade volume has soared from 360million yuan in 2007 to 30.9 billion yuan in 2011, and the target in 2012 is as high as 47billion yuan. The transaction volume is growing rapidly, and the incoming service requests from customers are also rising. At present, the average daily call volume of JD customer service center is 160000, 300000 calls per day during the peak period of promotion, and 4000 calls per 5mins during the peak period of each day

obviously, the existing system alone can't afford it, let alone meet the increasing call volume. Data analysis shows that needs an overall solution for a call center that can support more than 5000 seats and a daily call volume of 500000-800000. In addition, with the rapid rise of emerging media based on data and the increasingly differentiated and personalized needs of customers, the new call center platform supporting multimedia and social media applications is also favored by

finally, made clear its goal: to build a call center platform integrating voice, video and data, and to provide reliable, stable and fault-tolerant disaster recovery solutions. After many comparisons, JD chose Genesys' SIP based call center solution

stable, fault-tolerant and disaster recovery solutions are JD's first needs.

JD's new customer service center system needs to support 5000 seats to log in and answer calls concurrently, and can accommodate 5000 times/3mins of peak incoming calls. believes that stability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery solutions will be put first in the project, and performance and timeliness will be second

in response to's needs, Genesys has fully considered the security strategies and mechanisms for the operation of the entire system. The main equipment uses dual computer hot backup or load balancing to work, and has strong fault tolerance and good recovery ability, so as to ensure the stable operation of's customer service system

in addition, during the transformation of the whole call center, the original seats of can still work normally and will not be affected by the construction. In other words, in terms of user experience, Genesys has truly achieved smooth switching, and customers and users can't perceive the action of the background. No matter in the call or in the queue, it can achieve uninterrupted conversation and continuous business. When the new system is completed, the original agent system can be switched to the new SIP call center platform

genesys helps solve the problem of scalability and realize flexible deployment

in the past, the scalability of traditional call centers was relatively poor, not because technology was not the bottleneck, but because the business developed too fast, and the original system architecture could not bear the rapid development of business soon. Detection of spring tightening under a specific pressure: once the pressing plate is pressed down to the set pressure and stops, once the equipment or budget is increased, it will cause the consumption of human and material resources. After adopts the SIP solution of Genesys, the system expansion only needs to simply increase the license, and even for the expansion of the relay, it only needs to add the relay access module when it is turned off

the scalability of the equipment is fully considered in the implementation of this project. (2) bridge method: since the buried cable is available, the scalability of business and application is taken into account in both software design and hardware design. no longer needs as much human and material investment as the traditional call center, so it can easily and flexibly upgrade and expand its capacity, and its business will not be stopped or interrupted

system topology of JD mall SIP call center project

schematic diagram of equipment group

use advanced SIP technology to build a comprehensive and fully functional call center for JD

due to the reinforcement configuration at this position in the actual project, Genesys advanced and mature SIP technology should be strengthened to ensure that the whole system is in a leading position in technology, The system will not be adjusted on a large scale due to backward technology for a period of time after completion, and can maintain the progressiveness of the system and extend its life cycle through upgrading. In addition, while adopting new technologies, the project tries to ensure that the adopted technologies are stable and mature, and support the existing multiple call functions and network protocols. In this way, in the future business development and expansion process, it will not need to be overturned and restarted due to technical bottlenecks

The progressiveness of SIP is also reflected in the deployment of remote agents. The project of JD call center also includes no less than 2000 remote seats, which serve merchants on open platforms. In the past, merchants on e-commerce platforms were scattered and difficult to monitor, and the management of merchants has always been a weakness of B2C e-commerce. Today, the development and application of Genesys SIP technology enables existing merchants to integrate into's call center, making merchants a special seat in the call center. In this way,, as a unified portal to the outside world, does not hinder the direct dialogue between merchants and customers, which greatly improves the service quality of

at the same time, because the voice communication and multimedia communication system based on SIP architecture is more in line with the development direction of future IP converged communication and other value-added services and technologies, can obtain a larger future return with as little investment as possible

in addition, the SIP solution also solves the cost problem of building call centers in enterprises. With the expansion of business. The power system is often unable to bear the corresponding power demand of enterprises, and the deployment and maintenance of equipment have become particularly troublesome. Genesys' SIP based call center solution greatly reduces the demand for power consumption and the difficulty of maintenance, and improves the cost performance of implementation

make full use of JD's existing equipment to reduce construction costs

JD's original traditional solutions cannot be completely stopped immediately after the introduction of SIP architecture, so a perfect transition plan is imminent. In the process of reforming the original call center system, Genesys fully considered the utilization of the original equipment and software, including switches, database software, business systems, servers, etc., avoiding repeated investment. Using SIP to fully integrate existing resources, while saving costs and resources, it realizes the smooth transition between new and old call centers

meet the needs of JD new media and lead the future of call center

with the rise of emerging media, more and more service methods begin to appear in the call center system. The service mode of multimedia call center, including e-mail, instant messaging and video display, has gradually become popular. Simple voice business is far from meeting the needs of users. Users seek personalized and differentiated multi-channel services. This not only brings more profits for enterprises, but also challenges the overall solution of the call center

the function of the reformed call center system will fully adapt to the reality of and will not add redundant functions unrelated to demand. At the same time, in the next few years, with the innovation of's business, Genesys's multimedia platform and sip based call center solutions can adapt to the changes of emerging service modes such as video and web applications, and only need to expand the corresponding functional modules to meet the new needs of customers. For example, in the existing SIP architecture, it is not difficult for JD's users to realize face-to-face transactions with merchants by video

it can be said that the highly reliable, easy to expand and more open new generation customer service center jointly built by and Genesys not only meets's existing needs and development direction, but also lays a solid foundation for's future business expansion and innovation

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