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Tea sales chaos, these food machinery and equipment should not be abused

Abstract: it is understood that the heating temperature needs to be controlled during the drying process of tea. Once out of control, it is easy to change color, scorched leaves, uneven color, and the quality of tea cannot be guaranteed

before the Tomb Sweeping Day, it is a good time for the golden pre Ming tea to appear on the market. Many tea lovers are ready to go to the tea market to find treasure and rush to a tea boom. However, two days ago, an article "NBTV undercover tea market, amazing insider! The fragrance can be adjusted, and the year 4. there is a routine with the extension meter to achieve high-precision measurement and display the deformation function of the sample. What's more, it reveals the sales insider of Mingqian tea, a high-quality new tea: what you buy at a high price may be renovated old tea, and some bad traders abuse the oven to renovate old tea and sell it as Mingqian new tea. In addition, it is also common to use the missing grade mark on the package to deceive the grade of tea products, reprocessing technology to make used white tea and other profit-making means. It can be seen that food machinery and equipment have become a tool for self-interest in the hands of these bad vendors. The emergence of this phenomenon makes the author deeply aware that it is time to tell how to use these food machinery and equipment in order to correct the atmosphere

drying equipment is an indispensable equipment for tea processing and cannot be abused for renovation.

when undercover, it was found that some merchants dried the mildew through drying equipment, so as to renovate the old tea. Merchants dare to use the drying equipment in this way mainly because with the increasing refinement of the current drying device, the drying equipment can heat evenly, and will not change the color of tea while removing the mildew of tea

it is understood that the heating temperature needs to be controlled during the drying process of tea. Once it is out of control, it is prone to discoloration, leaf yellowing, uneven color, and the quality of tea cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, tea dryer manufacturers have been trying to improve the drying method to better control the drying temperature. At present, microwave drying equipment and heat pump drying equipment can ensure uniform heating during tea drying. Microwave drying equipment makes the temperature rise rapidly through the microwave with strong penetrability and non thermal effect, and destroys the enzyme activity of fresh leaves, so that the internal and external temperature of tea is consistent during green killing and drying; The heat pump dryer penetrates the fresh leaves by forming high-temperature steam in the drying room. The rapid temperature rise of both can make the internal and external temperature of tea uniform, so as to ensure the quality of tea

drying equipment is an essential equipment for tea processing. It can extend the storage life of tea and make tea more foam resistant. However, the increasingly perfect drying equipment is by no means a tool that bad traders can use to renovate and dry tea. When the old tea is dried again, it will lead to the loss of some tea fragrance, which can be identified by tea lovers

packaging marks are the basis for consumers to buy tea, not the tool for merchants to deceive

when selling tea, some merchants seize the loophole that the grade of tea is not marked, "watch people off the plate", watch the degree of consumer satisfaction, and make up the grade indiscriminately, making many consumers mistake low-grade tea for high-grade tea. In addition, some businesses add or change product labels to mislead consumers

the packaging and standard identification of tea is an inevitable step in the standardized production of the tea industry. At present, with the increasing improvement of packaging machinery, tea bag packaging machines, triangle bag tea packaging machines, strip tea packaging machines, vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machines and other tea packaging machines are emerging. The packing list of tea should be convenient for inventory. Exquisite packaging has already become a major reason for consumers to choose and buy. However, the development and improvement of equipment will also bring some side effects. After the popularization of printing equipment and labeling equipment, the standardization of tea labeling has been seriously challenged. The standardization of identification needs to be further strengthened by relevant institutions. It is understood that for the West Lake Longjing before the Ming Dynasty, authentic tea needs to be attached with the certification trademark of the relevant management association. Rockwell hardness test adopts 120 ° diamond cone, 1.587mm and 3.175mm steel balls, as well as special labels for geographical indication protection products. These labels are attached with two-dimensional codes for consumers to check the authenticity

with the industrial production of tea, packaging and labeling are the basic requirements. However, due to the large number of tea products in China, it is difficult to supervise, and many tea packaging labels are not standardized, which makes consumers feel confused when buying. In order to further standardize the development of the tea industry, relevant institutions also need to strengthen the management of tea labels

colorful tea relies on fermentation equipment, but it is used to forge the year

in the world of tea, there are not only the earlier the better Ming Dynasty tea, but also the older the better white tea, black tea, etc. The article mentioned above disclosed that someone used fermentation equipment to "artificially age" white tea. This kind of humidified and fermented white tea does not give white tea magical effects, but may produce mold or other harmful fungi due to uneven distribution

speaking of tea, there is more than one color of green. White, yellow, green, red and black are collectively referred to as China's six major teas, and the last five belong to fermented tea, which requires fermentation equipment in the production process. Most tea fermentation equipment realize full-automatic control, which can realize automatic humidification, heating, timing, etc., replacing the continuous manual pushing in the natural fermentation process to help the fermentation uniformity. However, it is undeniable that at present, the automatic control of most tea fermentation equipment is single, and it is impossible to analyze, judge and control all parameters. Therefore, the intellectualization of tea fermentation equipment is a topic that relevant production enterprises are constantly developing at present

the emergence of tea fermentation equipment makes the fermentation, such as the temperature box used in the experiment of military products, not only meet the requirements of the national military standards gjb150.3-86 and gjb150.4-86 according to different uniformity and temperature control accuracy, but also make the production of tea easier. However, bad traders can make use of the characteristics that tea fermentation can change the external shape of tea. If they re ferment tea, the market of fermented tea will be chaotic, and even mold may be produced due to the lack of rigorous technology, which may endanger the health of consumers

tea processing equipment has been further improved with the development of the tea industry, but in the utilization of tea processing equipment, it is not difficult to see that bad vendors use it for the secondary processing and production of tea. The emergence of this phenomenon not only increases the public's discrimination of good tea, but also requires relevant regulatory units to pay attention to this phenomenon, strengthen supervision, and ensure the healthy operation of the tea market

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