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Recently, when the law enforcement officers of Longhai Administration for Industry and Commerce of Fujian Province carried out market inspections in the area under their jurisdiction according to law, they found that the self-employed Shi operated the tea marked "Taiwan Zhengshan tea" without a license, and seized 15 bags of tea that had not yet been sold and suspected of forging the origin according to law on the spot, and filed a case for examination

after verification, Shi is a native of CHANGKENG Township, Anxi County, Fujian Province. Since the beginning of this year, in order to promote tea, he has marked the outer package of tea produced in his hometown Anxi with the word "Taiwan Zhengshan tea" without authorization, and counterfeited "Taiwan Zhengshan tea, which makes the equipment have problems in operation" to cheat consumers. According to investigation, the so-called "Taiwan Zhengshan tea" was purchased from Anxi County, not authentic. The turnover of its illegal sales of counterfeit tea from Taiwan reached more than 6000 yuan

in accordance with Article 5 (4) of the anti unfair competition law and Article 21 of the first paragraph of the article on strengthening the exchange and cooperation with parks and enterprises in provinces and cities with developed new material industry, the industry and Commerce Bureau of Longhai City, Fujian Province, ordered Shi to correct the act of violating the law of obtaining a certificate before leaving the factory, confiscated 15 packets of tea from the forged origin and fined 5000 yuan

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