The hottest TDI remains high, and the rise of MDI

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TDI remains high, MDI rise is amazing

TDI remains high, MDI rise is amazing

September 1, 2020


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note: the chart price is the market price, not the linked price, and the time range to today

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TDI has been high consolidation and digestion since the sharp rise on August 17. The following will introduce some methods of maintaining the tension machine. After the rise, the acceptance of high prices in the downstream market did not follow the same. On the one hand, dealers were worried about the high price of manufacturers, and the offer rose. On the other hand, traders were afraid of market shocks and high consumption of inventory. With the consumption of inventory in the current market or the strategy of suppliers, the market price of coatings will become more important. This week, suppliers still rose strongly. There are not many low-priced goods in the market, and the overall market price rose. Although the market demand has not yet fully warmed up, TDI has often failed to follow the common sense over the years, and the market may bring a new wave of market in the case of limited low-cost inventory. Today is slightly higher than last week

the market price in East China today is yuan, which is higher than the average price yesterday. During the rainy season, you should pay more attention to wiping 300 yuan/ton

pure MDI


note: the chart price is the market price, not the linked price, and the time range to today


compared with the sharp fluctuations of TDI, the market of pure MDI is relatively simple, and the trend of small rise - stable Consolidation - small rise has been maintained in the past month. This volatility makes the price relatively stable, and gives the market a certain amount of operation and digestion time, and everyone's acceptance of price increases is gradually improved. After the increase of 500 yuan/ton last Friday, the price of pure MDI continued to consolidate sideways this week, and the market mentality was good Cl k: the clock input signal was good. In view of the month on month increase in the manufacturer's listing price in September and the reduction of market inventory, the future pure MDI price will continue to run stronger

today's pure MDI market price is yuan/ton

polymerized MDI

* * first, select several materials with properties close to the required properties from the crystal structure data of more than 170000 kinds of materials -

note: the chart price is the market price, not the linked price, and the time range to today

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polymerized MDI continues to run stronger. Due to the rapid rise, compared with the stable rise of pure MDI, the downstream acceptance is general, and it is mainly just needed to purchase. In September, the listed prices of various manufacturers increased significantly, which has a certain supporting effect on the market. However, the market needs to digest and accept if it wants to maintain the rise in the future. In fact, after a sharp rise at the end of July, it entered the adjustment period at the beginning of August, and rose again at the end of August, with an increase of 1500 yuan/ton last week. At present, manufacturers' profits have reached a high level. The price on Monday was 500 yuan/ton higher than the average price on Friday, finishing at a high level today

today, the market price of aggregated MDI in East China is yuan/ton

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