The hottest tea bag is packed in August and spring

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tea bag packaging vision is like smelling a fragrance in August.

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core tip: the consumption positioning of tea packaging has changed dramatically from the initial middle-aged and elderly groups to the present public, Tea dealers also use their brains on packaging, which can be said to be hard work

[China Packaging News] a huge change has taken place in the consumption orientation of tea packaging from the initial middle-aged and elderly groups to the current public. Tea dealers have also used their brains in packaging, which is not hard to say

new patterns of tea bag packaging

the jasmine flower and jasmine tea and special products exhibition in Hengxian International Trade City on August 23 has brought us different enlightenment

there is a cup of tea. In the packaging bag, at first glance, the paper cups stacked together are no different from other ordinary paper cups. But when you open it, you will find that there is a white film sealing the bottom of the cup, and under the film is the dried Jasmine Black tea. According to the staff, this kind of tea is suitable for outdoor use. Just boil the water directly

what is different from the past is that the current jasmine tea manufacturers in Hengxian County have gone out of the circle of competing for quantity and differentiated into competition with different sales targets. This is particularly evident from the packaging design of some manufacturers. Some manufacturers, as always, are mature and stable, or square or round tea can packaging. After inquiry, they know that these are traditional products, selling feelings and benefits; While some businesses mainly want to develop young flower tea consumption objects. Their packaging has a fresh smell, and they also integrate some popular network culture; Other manufacturers are determined to find an unusual way. Their packaging design style has been completely different from the tea packaging in the general sense, pursuing either classical or foreign style or court style

tea packaging has many changes and is simple

if you want to be civilian, the first thing you think of is to reduce the use of materials and reduce the grade of packaging materials. This year's tea packaging has taken the small box and exquisite route as a whole. At the same time, expensive metal and wood materials are no longer popular, and kraft paper, special paper, bamboo and other materials have become popular at present. Walking into every tea shop, a large number of tea packages have been placed on the shelves, like pieces of clothes with different colors, styles, materials and other materials hanging in the mall, in order to add beauty to the originally plain tea

speaking, the role of tea packaging and clothing is really similar. What sells expensive is not necessarily good; The latest model is not necessarily popular; Wearing oil can enter the oil pump gorgeous, does not mean that personality must be noble; Dressed in ordinary clothes, it is impossible to say that it is the real dragon and the son of heaven. Then, what kind of clothes should tea wear to reflect both the value of tea itself and the corporate culture of tea enterprises? What kind of packaging can make buyers feel comfortable, sellers happy, and tea enterprises earn a lot of gold and silver? In fact, a good product does not need to be equipped with too complicated packaging. Simplicity and convenience are the best. In the past, good tea was simply wrapped with a piece of paper

a delicate and unique tea package can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, and play the role of silent salesperson using chromium oxide grinding paste to research. Good tea packaging should be able to maintain the quality of tea so that it does not deteriorate. Different kinds of tea, their cultural connotations and local characteristics of different regions can be expressed visually in products only through in-depth understanding

some consumers will refer to the label information on the package when buying tea. Making good use of the honors obtained by the enterprise will help consumers increase their trust in the product

printing precautions for tea packaging box

when selecting printing and packaging materials, we must fully consider the elimination of external pollution, resulting in deterioration of products and other situations. Tea contains polyphenols, amino acids, alkaloids and other substances, which are easily affected by temperature, humidity, light and oxygen. These must be taken into account when choosing packaging materials. At the same time, tea polyphenols in tea are prone to oxidation and polymerization. When storing tea, we should avoid the oxidation of tea polyphenols, which will deteriorate the tea

the choice of packaging materials should not only be reasonable in price, but also meet the relevant national health requirements. There are many materials commonly used in tea packaging boxes, such as paper, plastic film, metal, ceramics, etc. Some wood, bamboo and other materials can also be used for packaging. For example, keep fresh with good quality, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and at the same time, consider preventing the entry of microorganisms

first of all, pay attention to moisture resistance. Moisture resistance in tea packaging box is the key. Secondly, the tea packing box should be protected from light. Light note accelerates the changes of various components in tea and destroys the quality of tea. Finally, the oxygen content in the environment is also an important factor in the tea packaging box, and its gas resistance should be considered when selecting packaging materials. The printing of tea packaging box directly affects the quality of tea and our health. We must strictly control the quality when printing

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