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Tea packaging should be more cultural

nowadays, tea packaging is undoubtedly much better than in the past. The simple and thin plastic bag packaging is rare in the market, and it is replaced by exquisite materials, beautiful design, exquisite small bag packaging, etc. From the dazzling tea packaging on the shelves, the author found that there is a big shortage in the packaging of these tea: at present, China's building energy consumption accounts for more than 27% of the total energy consumption, and the external packaging is fancy, but there is no unique cultural heritage, which is superficial and similar

you may have heard a famous saying: "the more national, the more cosmopolitan." Tea, as a traditional drink required by the structure of the universal testing machine of the Chinese nation, has a long history and profound cultural heritage. Moreover, because of China's vast territory and abundant resources, the origin of tea is different, and its cultural origin is also different. Just like De'ang tea in Yunnan, De'ang Nationality is a minority nationality with a population of only hundreds of thousands living in the mountainous or semi mountainous areas of various counties in Southwest Yunnan. Their villages and villages grow tea without exception. Lush forests and even hundreds of years old tea trees can be seen everywhere. Their men and women, old and young, have always had a special preference for tea. This mentality has been passed down from generation to generation, and has become a gorgeous cultural landscape that has penetrated into all aspects of social culture and living habits. As soon as young men and girls of De'ang Nationality become adults, they will receive a small packet of "adult tea"; The young man chased the girl with a small bag of "love tea"; If two families talk about marriage, the male family should first give "betrothal tea" to the female family, which is considered as a marriage negotiation; Tea is also a kind of transmission and symbol of sincere friendship of De'ang Nationality. Relatives and friends come to the door, treat them with "roasted tea" with unique flavor, and give tea when they leave, etc

therefore, in order to build a well-known brand of tea, enter the international market and win more market share, businesses must highlight the cultural heritage in the tea packaging, print pictures full of rich ethnic and local customs on the tea packaging, introduce the origin, customs and interesting words of tea, and carry some unique Keepsakes, so that consumers can see, touch and feel it, Taking it as a friend from a foreign country, I feel that tasting tea is about tasting culture and family affection, which leads to broad associations, and I feel that "you can't live without this king in a day"

the young man said, "come to bag De'ang love tea!" Isn't a certain unique cultural heritage and flavor of its tea coming to your face? Why didn't the merchants notice

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