The hottest tea industry uses PET bottles as a new

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The tea industry uses PET bottles as a new packaging choice

that is, the tea industry is considering using PET bottles as their new packaging choice. Considering the light weight of bottles and the advantages of recycling, some companies gradually replace traditional glass bottles with experimental PET bottles after keeping the studio dry

the ice black tea launched by pure leaf, a partner of PepsiCo Lipton tea company, recently introduced a square bottle made of PET plastic. The spokesman of the company told plastics to that its construction technology was not up to standard, adding fuel to the flames. Day said that pure leaf believed that this new packaging would be the best choice for brands and customers

the spokesman also said: the conversion of pure leaf from glass bottle to PET bottle can provide consumers with a package bottle that is not easy to break and is more popular with customers. We hope that the packaging bottles used in 6 are easy to recycle. Moreover, in the process of carrying by customers and non family occasions, this kind of bottle is not fragile, more convenient, and more comfortable for consumers to use

this kind of square bottle can be aggregated in a condensed way, which improves the efficiency of the tray. According to the use of the company, fewer fuels can be used in the transportation process to transport the same number of bottles as before, and reduce the transportation burden. It can be seen that this new PET bottle is lighter than the traditional glass bottle

the spokesman of the company also said: because the bottle is square, it effectively saves the transportation space of pallets and trucks. According to statistics, it can save 22% of the transportation space. This saves the number of trucks used for product transportation

pure leaf currently has two sizes of bottles, 18.5 oz single cup bottle and 59 oz multi cup bottle

the spokesman said that consumers also supported the company's use of PET bottles

the spokesman told us that after being converted into bottles, we have been communicating our experience with the public, such as the benefits of doing so. We hope that consumers can realize this and help us recycle bottles

instant tea drinks are healthier than soda, and the market is also growing. According to the survey results of beverage marketing, the market share of instant tea drinks in the United States will increase to 3.5 billion gallons by 2015

let the bottom of the bottle rise

Seth Goldman, the founder of honesttea, a branch of Coca Cola's series of products, said that the company used glass bottles for tea drinks in the early stage. However, after many bottle breaking events, the company is also considering using other containers to replace traditional glass bottles

seth Goldman said: after analyzing the use of glass and plastic, we realize that plastic is more environmentally friendly. We must try our best to improve the efficiency of packaging

the company uses glass and plastic bottle packaging at the same time, but increasing plastic packaging is nothing but increasing the trouble in the production process

nest tea hopes to use lightweight PET bottles, but this brings the disadvantage of large bottle deformation. In order to maintain the shape of the bottle, the inside of the bottle must be able to withstand pressure. The thinner the bottle, the greater the pressure required, so that the bottom of the bottle will form a deeper depression

consumers are worried that the depression at the bottom of the bottle will reduce the amount of beverage the bottle claims to contain

goldman said: there is a deep depression at the bottom of our bottle. When consumers see this situation, they will feel that buying this kind of dented bottled beverage for the same amount as before will suffer a lot. We have to do some destructive control. Therefore, nest tea added capacity information to PET bottles to explain the bottle capacity to consumers, encouraged enterprises to use new materials, and the company cooperated with Graham Packaging, a bottle supplier, to develop a cavity free bottle

the new PET bottle production line is light and its bottom is flat. Goldman said that this new type of bottle brings a lot of benefits to actual production. For example, the old mold cavity needs to be equipped with an activation device, which increases the production cost. Today, companies can run new bottle production lines at multiple sites without activating the equipment

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