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TDS3000B digital fluorescent oscilloscope can meet the changing needs of digital circuit troubleshooting work

digital circuit has been everywhere...

digital circuit was once only used in expensive high-end products, but now it has become the mainstream of most electronic design. From toys, household appliances to automobiles, digital circuits can display the maximum experimental force value, breaking force value, displacement and other experimental data in real time, which has been widely used in various products. However, with the popularization of these applications, the troubleshooting of digital circuits also brings us new challenges, which must be overcome by using effective testing tools

nowadays, the obstacle removal task faced by engineers and technicians engaged in the development of household and industrial electronic products has become increasingly complex and urgent. New digital design often makes designers face various problems that need to be found and solved urgently, such as race state, transient signal, signal distortion, bus contention and so on. At the same time, they also need to bear the time pressure of products coming into the market as soon as possible. These practical problems require engineers and technicians to remove faults quickly and accurately

what engineers and technicians need in this case is powerful measuring instruments and troubleshooting tools, especially oscilloscopes that can meet the challenge of new digital intensive products called deformation strengthening or work hardening. Not only the problem of basic bandwidth, such an oscilloscope must also help engineers solve the problem quickly. In other words, these oscilloscopes must first determine the existence of the problem, then accurately capture the problem, analyze the problem, and determine the root cause of the problem

application description

tds3000b digital fluorescence oscilloscope series makes the digital troubleshooting work simple

tds3000b series digital fluorescence oscilloscope (DPO) adds a number of important new functions to the digital troubleshooting work. The digital fluorescence technology of TDS3000B is capable of capturing and accurately displaying digital signals and intermittent faults with real-time brightness level details, which is comparable to that of analog oscilloscope. The patented w tensile testing machine is designed, manufactured, installed and used. The waveform anomaly detection function of Yingxian personal avealert TM is unique to TDS3000B oscilloscope. It enhances the user's ability to find hidden intermittent events, which is the key to eliminating difficult problems in troubleshooting. Wavealert can monitor incoming signals on all channels. If any waveform deviates from the "normal" input, the user will immediately get an alarm. The user can fully control the sensitivity of wavealert to signal changes, and can choose from several operations the action that TDS3000B should take when finding problems. For example:

stop capturing

alarm with sound

print the problematic waveform

store the problematic waveform on disk

the bandwidth of TDS3000B series (different models, from 100MHz to 500MHz) can provide sufficient space for detecting various commercial microprocessors today

wavealerttm waveform anomaly detection technology foundation

wavealerttm's function is based on a key technology, namely the patented structural system of Tektronix digital fluorescence oscilloscope, which can continuously record every pixel on the screen. That is, each pixel has a "history", which can be used to determine whether its brightness is continuous (if the track passes through the pixel again), or gradually dim with each successive capture operation. Wavealert technology can detect and highlight the new situation of pixels since the last capture, so as to find abnormal events that cannot be detected by other methods. The user can decide the number of pixels and the response time of wavealert technology based on this limit

in any measurement process, connecting the signal to the oscilloscope is an important first step. TDS3000B extends the performance to the tested equipment through the general tekprobe interface. The interface can be matched with various active high-frequency probes, current probes and differential probes

with the help of DPO's real-time brightness level display, engineers can use various advanced trigger functions of TDS3000B to isolate faults and trace the root cause of the problem. Users can add various advanced trigger functions on TDS3000B through a self installable module (some oscilloscopes are options), including under amplitude pulse trigger, state trigger and pulse width trigger

problems must be found before they can be solved.

many oscilloscopes cannot keep up with the development of digital technology in terms of performance and function. Here, we take a common digital design problem as an example, that is, an occasional transient narrow signal that affects circuit operation. When encountering this kind of abnormality, the analog oscilloscope cannot display with sufficient brightness, and is prone to flicker. The main waveform with strong brightness makes it blurred. What's worse, the analog oscilloscope does not have the function of waveform storage and analysis at all, nor can it capture the burrs alone. In contrast, although digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) can capture this transient event, it cannot be displayed in real time, so it cannot be separated from the main repeated waveform. Therefore, transient events appear as often as the main track

tds3000b digital fluorescence oscilloscope (DPO) provides a new three-dimensional display for digital oscilloscope. First of all, its waveform capture rate is 50 times faster than that of digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the same performance, which is very beneficial in finding transient signals. In addition, the capture system of digital fluorescence oscilloscope (DPO) is in effective use most of the time, so the chance of capturing burrs and unusual events is also hundreds of times higher. 8. Display speed

next is the real-time brightness level display of TDS3000B, which can display signal details with the accumulation of signal activity "history". Digital fluorescent display makes it easier for users to understand the characteristics of the captured transient events. This display function can enhance the brightness where the signal tracks intersect more frequently, just like the analog oscilloscope. Compared with the continuous repeated main waveforms, the unusual transient signal is darker, but it can still be seen and distinguished. At the same time, the user can also view the real-time changes of the transient signal. If used with DP0, the wavealert waveform anomaly detection function of TDS3000B makes it easier for users to see these changes

Figure 2 is a typical DSO display. Please compare it with the DPO display in Figure 3. The grayscale display of brightness can help users understand what happens in the circuit

connect the digital fluorescence oscilloscope(

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