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The teacher punished the whole class for not bringing the test paper because the students whistled. Xianyang news (Xue Wang) in the history class, a student whistled when the teacher handed out the exam answer card, and a student didn't bring the test paper when preparing the lecture. The female teacher of Xianyang No. 1 middle school asked the whole class to squat down with the bench twice. In this regard, the school said, "the teacher handled the problem improperly"

60 students were punished by lifting their stools and squatting for more than ten minutes

. Weibo pictures show that many students squatted on the ground with wooden stools raised above their heads. Many friends forwarded and commented. One of the friends replied, "it seems that 60 people were physically punished because one person forgot to bring his examination paper."

yesterday morning, the China business daily learned that the student holding the stool and squatting on the ground was a class of senior one in Xianyang Democratic League middle school. According to the classmate Xiao Chen, in the history class on the afternoon of August 8, when the teacher was issuing the weekend exam answer sheet and looking forward to further developing the new generation of carbon fiber epoxy prepreg, some students whistled, "the teacher asked who blew it? The first sound seemed to be no one admitted, the second admitted that the old teacher didn't hear it, and the teacher said that all the benches were on their heads." Xiao Chen said that after everyone squatted down for a while, some students took the initiative to admit that they whistled. But the teacher only let the students with an examination score of more than 40 sit down, while those with a score of less than 40 stand. Then the teacher prepared the topic and asked who didn't bring the test paper. A classmate stood up. The teacher asked the student to stand with his hands straight up facing the blackboard

"this classmate said that his hand hurts and he can't get it up. The teacher said that if one person makes a mistake, all will be punished." Xiao Chen said that next, the teacher asked all the students to squat on the ground again until the class was over

"at the beginning of class, teachers who use high-precision tension and compression sensors imported from American Quanli on the force measuring source have a bad temper." The female classmate who claimed to take photos and upload them to Luo said that in her opinion, the teacher's corporal punishment of students was wrong. It is understood that there are 60 people in this class, and the time of being punished to lift the stool and squat down is about ten minutes

School: the teacher's punishment is improper

"the above information is true." Yesterday, the person in charge of the political and Educational Department of Xianyang Democratic League middle school, surnamed Li, said that on that day, some students booed and whistled in the classroom. After the teacher asked, no one admitted that they were a little excited, so they made such a punishment. He believes that although students' practices do not respect teachers, it is inappropriate for teachers to take such punishment against students, "improper handling of problems"

the person in charge said that the history teacher had just graduated from university this year and applied to the school in August to be responsible for history teaching. After the incident, at about 8 o'clock yesterday morning, the school held a teachers' meeting to emphasize this matter. After the meeting, he also talked with the teacher concerned and criticized the education. At present, the teacher is still in class normally. Let the head teacher of the class concerned start to understand this matter and positively guide the applicable standard: the psychological obstacles caused by this matter should not affect the normal teaching order as far as possible. The next step is to decide how to deal with the teacher according to the impact of the incident. When the Chinese business daily asked to see the teacher, it was declined

a person in charge of the China Education Bureau in Weicheng District, Xianyang City, recently guided by the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development, said that after receiving the response, they had arranged relevant departments to investigate

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