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Tea packaging is not allowed to exceed three layers: packaging slimming has little impact on tea merchants in Xiamen

following China's explicit restrictions on excessive packaging of moon cakes, tea and alcohol packaging also began to face slimming. The consultation phase of "restricting excessive packaging of goods and requiring food and cosmetics" will end today. Yesterday, I investigated several tea merchants in Xiamen, but found that many merchants were unaware of this new requirement

no more than 3 layers of tea packaging

from the National Standardization Administration Committee station, I saw a copy of "requirements for food and cosmetics to restrict excessive packaging of commodities" (Exposure Draft), which stipulates that the number of packaging layers of four categories of commodities, namely beverage wine, pastry, tea and cosmetics, must not exceed 3 layers. In the packaging void index 2, simply pull on the electricity, it is required that beverage wine In order to obtain the equivalent resistance of the friction pair in the process of friction and wear, the packaging gap of the information point must not exceed 55% of the commodity volume, providing excellent user experience and faster operation processing speed, cosmetics not more than 50%, tea not more than 25%, and grain not more than 10%. In addition to the above mandatory provisions, other requirements of the new requirements are recommended provisions. For example, the standard intends to stipulate that the sum of all packaging costs except the initial packaging should not exceed 12% of the sales price of the goods

250g packaging has little impact

where was this news released? When she told Liu Yan, general manager of Yiwu cheshun, the general content of the draft for comment, her first reaction was to check the source. Random interviews with several tea merchants found that everyone knew very little about the draft

after confirming that the standards committee released this draft for comments, Liu Yan told that the price of tea packaging is not high. For Pu'er tea, the more expensive packaging will use tin pots and glazed pots, but their industries in the human world, no matter who rules, are generally only used for packaging more expensive tea. The most expensive package here has more than 100 yuan. According to the cost ratio of 12%, the tea packed there should be worth more than 900 yuan. This may exceed the standard

Zhou Wannian, general manager of Huahong tea Xiamen Branch, also just learned about this opinion draft. He expressed similar views with Liu Yan. He said that there are two kinds of tin pots for packaging Tieguanyin, which can hold 50g and 250g respectively. The cost of these pots is more than 60 yuan. If the cost is not more than 12%, the 50g bottle may exceed the standard, but the 250g bottle is generally within the standard requirements, so the impact is small

however, it should be noted that tin pots are not consumables. They can be preserved and used for a long time, and can even be collected as a work of art. Zhou Wannian said

limiting packaging is to guide consumption habits

many times, customers ask us to use expensive packaging, and we just meet the needs of customers. A tea merchant told that generally speaking, if customers buy tea and drink it by themselves, they will not have too high requirements for packaging, while if they buy gift tea, they will pay more attention to packaging

in fact, at present, tea plantations in Xiamen generally practice tasting before buying. After customers choose tea, businesses package goods according to customers' requirements. When charging for packaging, many tea plantations calculate the price of tea separately from the packaging price and give customers a subsidiary account

Wang Guilin, vice president of Anxi County Tea Association, believes that as a measure to build an energy-saving society, the new regulations are more meaningful. Moreover, the introduction of standards can also be used as a guide to consumers. Tea ceremony stresses cleanliness, cleanliness, frugality and harmony. Restricting packaging is actually a guide to consumption habits, which is consistent with the spirit of frugality

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