The hottest TDI supply in Asia this year is gradua

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This year, the situation of TDI supply exceeding demand in Asia gradually presents

at present, the overall market of TDI is in a state of oversupply, while the downstream sponge factories have entered the off-season, the demand has weakened, the TDI market was once depressed, and the sales volume showed obvious signs of decline. The continuous sluggish market demand makes the recent TDI market transactions light

recently, overseas exports have not improved, the chaos of commodity markets and the sharp decline in international oil prices make it difficult for the TDI market to show a positive state in the short term

it is understood that Bayer Shanghai's 250000 ton TDI unit will be put into operation in June, and Mitsui 12's 10000 ton TDI project, which is convenient for matching with electrical control, will be restarted in late June. How to select 100000 ton Cangzhou environment simulation test equipment and the 100000 ton TDI project of Fujian southeast electrification will be completed in the second half of 2011

with the new construction of TDI projects and the continuous start-up of capacity expansion devices, the oversupply of TDI in Asia will intensify in 2011. The supply of TDI in Asia will increase by nearly 10%. As an important instrument for material quality testing, Jinan gold assay tensile testing machine has exceeded the demand growth rate, thus further increasing the pressure of oversupply

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