The hottest tea cream packaged as a luxury, the ha

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The harder the tea cream packaged as a luxury, the more embarrassing it becomes.

at a time when Pu'er tea is constantly being stir fried in the market and the price is rising, the desolation of the tea cream market is particularly dazzling. At the 2013 Guangzhou Autumn Tea Expo, the well decorated tea cream exhibition area was deserted, as if it had nothing to do with the excitement around. The anxiety and embarrassment of the exhibitors are beyond expression

ironically, when curating the exhibition, tea cream manufacturers may want to highlight the scarcity of tea cream, and specially marked the door with the words that pressing the OK key to keep the setting date and time is limited to two people drinking at the same time. However, judging from the reaction of the audience, I'm afraid that it may not be able to attract people by welcoming free drinks

what caused the lack of interest in tea cream at the popular Guangzhou Tea Expo

I still remember that on the flight to Yunnan, I saw the advertisement of tea cream in aviation magazine more than once. In the middle of a pile of luxury advertisements, tea cream looks very beautiful, as if it is a very high-end thing

it should be understood that fast food products such as instant and bubble bags can never be associated with high-end products. Imagine sitting in a magnificent five-star hotel, where the profit structure of luxury private rooms has been significantly improved. In front of you is a set of valuable Ru kiln tea sets. I saw you proudly take a black tea cream from your purse and put it into the cup gracefully. Stir it again and drink it with your head held high. If the waiter bumps into her during this process, she will definitely beat a drum in her heart: are you taking medicine

of course, in this context, if the tea cream is replaced by tea bags, instant coffee, instant noodles, and re interpreted, the effect will be the same amazing

tea cream, that is, the extract of tea, becomes tea soup after flushing. 2. Whether the clamping is reliable. It is convenient and direct to drink, which saves the tedious process of making tea. It is actually a drink suitable for home travel, men, women, old and young (whether it is healthy or not is unknown). The birth of Pu'er tea paste is said to have started in the Qing Dynasty and was boiled in a large pot. Some manufacturers said that tea cream was a royal drink at that time to show its dignity

whether tea cream is for Royal use, we don't need to research, just look at its manufacturing cost. With the development of modern biological preparation technology, extracting tea extract from tea is no longer a difficult problem. The sources of raw materials are more extensive. Tea gardens all over Yunnan are producing tea in spring, summer and autumn. I don't know how many pots there are

at the tea exhibition, the tea creams were made into pellets, granules and blocks, and put into exquisite ceramic cans. The outer package was vaguely printed with the words of ban Zhang, Yi Wu and other famous tea areas. A bag of 80 grams of Pu'er tea cream of a brand has a price of 1980 yuan, and the price of a single grain of tea cream is also more than 40 yuan. Compared with a mid-range Pu'er tea with a price of about 200 yuan and a weight of 357g, I really can't imagine the advantages of tea cream and the reason for setting such a price. At a time when the complete tea cake is still difficult to identify which mountain it comes from, let alone the high-end gossip about the ingredients of the tea cream

for tea drinkers, the pleasure of tasting lies in the process of serving a tea. Boiling water, washing cups, dismantling tea, brewing, sipping, there should be no refutation, wrinkles, bubbles and adhesions. Cultivate temperament and seek inner peace in this ritual process. Tea cream is equivalent to omitting all this process, and tea tasting becomes tea drinking. Therefore, real drinkers will never touch such boring things

if you have to make tea cream a luxury, the general direction is wrong. Wu Jiang, a well-known Pu'er tea marketing expert in Yunnan, believes that. Unfortunately, Pu'er tea paste, which had the opportunity to be consumed by the public as quickly as bag tea and instant coffee, thus creating a huge industry, got its role wrong at birth. The real use of tea cream should be that ordinary people can brew thirst quenching drinks at any time. Only when they are constantly consumed will the manufacturer have a future. As a fake, you have to buckle the shell of Tu Haojin and sell the price of Tu Haojin. Who will buy it

having said so much, I don't want to deny tea cream. I just hope to remind manufacturers that products should be born to meet market demand, so as to find their own living space. Otherwise, if you get the wrong direction, the harder you work, the farther away you will be from your goal

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