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Paper packaging container testing technology (II)

5 Carton unsealing force test

in order to facilitate unsealing, the unsealing force also needs to be controlled. There are two kinds of tearing methods: one is the tearing method with adhesive tape as the medium; One is the method of pulling and sealing the opening. The former has large unsealing force and is easy to be damaged in circulation. In order to solve these problems, we must first measure the unsealing force of the tear part, so as to obtain the appropriate shape of the pull seal, change the spacing width, etc. Corrugated box tearing is therefore a good test method for the unsealing force of the experimental machine, as shown in Figure 8

6. Paperboard bond strength test

paperboard bond strength test is also known as peel strength test. This test is a test of the bonding fastness of corrugated board surface, lining paper and corrugated base paper. They can be used to compare different plastics. Insert two rows of metal rods into the neutral space of the corrugated board, and apply tension in the opposite direction up and down until it peels off. The pointer reading is the peel strength, and its unit is Newton (n)

the test method is shown in Figure 9. This test method can be tested by a small ring pressure tester. There are two ways to test: one is to test the adhesion of one side; The other is to measure the adhesion between the inside and the outside. The only difference between the two methods is the insertion position of the rod

although the adhesion of corrugated board is important, high adhesion strength does not necessarily guarantee good quality. Because the adhesive strength is too high, too much adhesive is often used, the adhesive area is too large, and even the adhesive flows into the corrugated box, which affects the corrugated deformation, resulting in the reduction of the compression strength of the corrugated box. As shown in Figure 10, the most ideal glue receiving area of corrugated board should be 1.5mm on the ridge peak, which should not exceed 2mm. In addition, there is a Shaw type tensile testing machine, which is measured by Shaw type tensile test. Its peeling strength type A is more than 147n; Type B is more than 225.4n

7. Stiffness test method

carton stiffness is the experimental research force of the high-temperature decarburization characteristics of spring steel sup6 for coil springs, which can resist deformation of cartons. After the cartons are compressed or filled with articles, the side stiffness is insufficient, and it is easy to deform or even crack. The rigidity of the carton mainly depends on the stiffness of the carton board

① bending stiffness

according to the definition of mechanics, the bending stiffness is the product of the elastic modulus and the section moment of inertia (EI), which can be obtained by bending method, as shown in Figure 11 drying and constant weight

this method is widely used, simple and practical

c. resonance method

this method is used to excite the slender specimen to produce resonance, and calculate the elastic coefficient according to the resonance frequency. This method uses the relationship between the sound propagation speed inside the material and the elastic modulus to obtain the elastic modulus, as shown in the following formula

in each packaging unit, cut five strips in the longitudinal and transverse directions from the different patterns taken out for measurement, and take the arithmetic mean, maximum and minimum values of all measured values in the longitudinal and transverse directions as the measurement results respectively

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