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Testing technology of paper packaging containers (I)

at present, corrugated boxes are widely used in packaging because of their high strength and can replace wooden boxes

However, the strength of corrugated box is a comprehensive index, which is not only related to the strength of corrugated board, but also to the static compression strength in storage and the dynamic strength in circulation (impact, vibration, tumbling, falling, etc.). The main contents of the strength and test of corrugated boxes are as follows:

the test methods of corrugated boxes, in addition to the strength test of corrugated boards, there are mainly two kinds of test methods: one is the most fundamental item in the carton test, that is, the compression strength test, which is mainly to test empty boxes. This test is an effective method to assess the internal quality of cartons, and it is also the main indicator of transportation packaging; The second is that the corrugated box will inevitably be worn into the new material line after entering the goods until it reaches the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument; 1035 rdquo; The preparation of the plan is nearing the end, and destructive simulation tests are carried out. The test methods include: hexagonal roller test, drop test, impact test and vibration test (these tests will be described in the test of packaging)

calculation of the strength of corrugated boxes

the compressive strength of corrugated boxes can be measured by the stacking height of heavy boxes. In the laboratory, the compression test machine can be used to directly test the compressive strength of empty boxes, or it can be calculated through the following empirical formula:


p - the compressive strength of empty corrugated boxes

px -- the sum of the ring compression strength values of the paperboard and corrugated core paper on the surface of each layer of the corrugated box

ax2-- corrugation constant

z-- total length around the corrugated box

j-- corrugated box constant

corrugated boxes and corrugated constants are listed in the table above

calculation formula of ring pressure value of double-sided single corrugated cardboard:

calculation formula of ring pressure value of double-sided double corrugated cardboard:

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