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The detection requirements of medical labels

1 once the temperature is too high, the printing of medical labels in China as a whole has the characteristics of large batch and relatively simple printing content. However, this does not mean that the difficulty of quality inspection is lower than that of other labels. On the contrary, due to the particularity of the use of pharmaceutical labels and the continuous strengthening of the standardization of national management of pharmaceutical products, the surface printing quality of pharmaceutical labels has more stringent testing requirements than other daily-use and electronic labels to some extent

the detection requirements of pharmaceutical labels are mainly reflected in:

1. High detection accuracy of key areas on labels. For example, the detection of small areas such as medical name and dosage requires that it must be detected and there should be no missed detection in recent years. For some small font labels, the absence of font strokes or decimal points is a necessary content, which is a challenge to the detection accuracy of the detection system

2. Due to the large batch of products, the detection efficiency must be guaranteed in order to truly play the role of detection equipment replacing labor. The traditional stop operation mode is difficult to meet the needs of efficient detection

3. With the strengthening of drug supervision by the National Drug Administration Department, electronic supervision code is an inevitable trend in the printing of medical labels. Those who rely on manual or regular inspection of the working condition of the sprocket can not complete the detection of supervision code simply by the printing detection system. The main reason is that the electronic supervision code is unique, and each label is different. At present, the detection equipment on the market mostly relies on the method of comparing with the standard image for detection, and the electronic supervision code part cannot use this method

declaring correct and good protection and maintenance methods can not only improve its effectiveness:

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